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Susten 200 Mg

Susten 200 Mg
Susten 200 Mg Capsule (Progesterone 200) is used in combination to reduce symptoms of menopause caused due to hormone replacement therapy. Buy Susten 200 Mg Online from Blue Pills Pharmacy India with best prices in USA. We offer wide range of Cheap Generic Medicine & OTC Drugs.

Generic Name : Progesterone

US Brand Name : Crinone/Gastro

Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma

Uses For : Recurrent Miscarriage, Amenorrhoea, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Palliative Treatment Of Advanced

Side Effects : Irritation, Mood Swings, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain

Composition : Progesterone 200mg

Strength : 200mg

Presentation : SOFT GEL CAP

Product Code : BPP 124

Delivery Days : 7 TO 10 WORKING DAYS

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Cheap Susten 200 Mg (Progesterone) Online From India

Susten 200 Mg Capsule has a place with the class of medication known as a steroid chemical. It is additionally utilized in mix with estrogens for chemical substitution treatment in menopausal ladies and low sex chemical levels in ladies. Fruitlessness is the powerlessness to consider inside a year. Then again, Premenstrual disorder includes signs and signs like emotional episodes, delicate breasts, food desires, weakness, peevishness and discouragement.

Uses Of The Susten 200 Mg

Generic Progesterone is used in:

  • Post Menopausal Hormonal Replacement Therapy
  • Amenorrhoea
  • Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Susten 200 Capsule is a female chemical that controls ovulation and period in ladies. Susten 200 Capsule prompts secretory changes in the endometrium covering of the uterus, advances breast improvement, loosens up the uterus, obstructs the development and arrival of a follicle and looks after pregnancy.


Susten 200 Capsule  is accessible in different structures which can be taken by mouth, vagina, through infusion into the muscle and different courses. Susten 200 Capsule is likewise accessible in the vaginal ring and intrauterine (IU) gadget which is utilized for anti-conception medication. You can take Susten 200 Capsule without food and ideally in the evening or at sleep time. Now and again you may have breast delicacy, expanding in different pieces of the body, cerebral pains, headaches, temperament swings, discouragement, skin break out, (stomach) torment, back torment and vaginal dying. The greater part of these symptoms of Susten 200 Capsule don't need clinical consideration and bit by bit resolve after some time. Notwithstanding, if the results are tireless, connect with your PCP.

Susten 200 Mg (Generic Progesterone) Works:

What Should You Avoid While Taking Susten 200 Mg (Generic Progesterone):

Make an effort not to quit taking this medication of your own. Utilizing Susten 200 Capsule may expand the danger of blood clumps. Ensure that prior to taking this medication you illuminate your PCP in the event that you have or have had breast cancer, surprising draining in the vagina or liver sickness or some other medical conditions. In the event that you are taking some other medication or are adversely affected by any medication, if it's not too much trouble, advise your primary care physician. Abstain from smoking and liquor to forestall any sort of disagreeable result. Susten 200 Capsule ought not be utilized to forestall coronary illness or dementia, since this medication may really expand your danger of fostering these conditions.

When Not To Use Susten 200 Mg (Generic Progesterone):

Susten 200 Capsule ought not be utilized except if recommended by a specialist. Continuously take Susten 200 Capsule by and large as your PCP advised you. Your primary care physician will prompt you how frequently you take your medication based on your ailment.

Warning And Precaution:

Susten 200 Capsule with estrogens ought not be utilized to forestall coronary illness, cardiovascular failures, strokes, or dementia. Utilizing Susten 200 Capsule with estrogens may expand the shot at getting coronary episodes, strokes, breast cancer and blood clumps. Sometimes, the utilization of Susten 200 Capsule with estrogen may deliver dementia among ladies age 65 and more seasoned. Try not to utilize Susten 200 Capsule in the event that you are susceptible to peanuts, have strange vaginal dying, have or had any sort of diseases (breast or uterus malignant growth), or going through estrogen in addition to progestin treatment. Tell your primary care physician prior to utilizing Susten 200 Capsule in the event that you have had a coronary failure, stroke, blood clump, liver issues, kidney issues, pregnant, breastfeeding or wanting to get pregnant, asthma (wheezing), epilepsy (seizures), diabetes, headache, endometriosis, lupus, heart issues, thyroid or have high calcium levels in your blood. Use alert while driving an engine vehicle as tipsiness or laziness may happen. In the event that you are utilizing Susten 200 Capsule before any lab tests or biopsies inform your PCP regarding this as it can influence the report esteems.

  • Pregnancy

Contact the specialist prior to utilizing Susten 200 Capsule. Your PCP will choose whether Susten 200 Capsule ought to be given to the pregnant lady or not relying upon her condition.

  • Brest feeding

Clinical proof proposes that Susten 200 Capsule may pass into breastmilk yet its danger isn't set up. So it is smarter to contact the specialist prior to utilizing Susten 200 Capsule.

  • Driving

It is encouraged to drive with alert in the wake of taking Susten 200 Capsule as it might meddle with driving capacities. It can cause you to feel languid.

  • Liver

Susten 200 Capsule ought to be taken with alert, particularly on the off chance that you have a background marked by liver illnesses/conditions. The portion may must be changed by your primary care physician.


Store in a cool and dry spot away from daylight

FAQs About Susten 200 Mg (Generic Progesterone)

What Are The Uses Of The Susten 200 Mg?

Susten 200 Mg (Generic Progesterone) Capsule is obtained from plant sources and has a similar action to the female hormone, progesterone.

Who are manufacturer of Susten 200 Mg?

Susten 200 Mg is produced by Sun Pharma.

What is Composition for Susten 200 Mg?

Susten 200 Mg contains of the antiviral drug Generic Progesterone as its active ingredient.

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