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Fildena Double 200 Mg

Fildena Double 200 Mg
Fildena Double 200 Mg (Sildenafil ) is used to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction among person. Buy Fildena Double 200 Mg Online from Blue Pills Pharmacy India with best prices in USA. We offer wide range of Cheap Generic Medicine & OTC Drugs.

General Information

Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate

US Brand Name : 1021

Manufacture Name : Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Uses For : Erectile dysfunction (ED ) , Impotence in men

Side Effects : Restlessness, Unsteadiness, Migraine, Delayed and Painful Erection

US Brand Name : Generic Sildenafil, Generic Viagra

Composition : Sildenafil 200 mg

Drug Class : Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Inhibitors (Type 5)

Strength : 200mg

Presentation : Blister Packing (Tablets / Pills)

Product Code : BPP96

Delivery Days : 7 to 10 working days

Fildena Double 200 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate) at Best Price from India

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Shop Fildena Double 200 Mg Online From India

Fildena Double 200 Mg can be utilized for treating Erectile Dysfunction in grown-up man. It additionally treats pneumonic blood vessel hypertension (PAH) lastly brings the practicing limit up in men just as ladies. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 Inhibitor that assists with unwinding just as extend the veins in the body. It assists with improving the progression of blood in specific pieces of the body. Filedna Double is used by many men and it’s their best choice.

Fildena Double 200 Mg is the most valuable medicine for men experiencing erectile issues. The principle part liable for the working of this medication is sildenafil citrate. It is a proficient solution for male impotency. Fildena Double 200 Mg can help men experiencing penile failure. The principle part liable for the working of this medication is sildenafil citrate. Buy Fildena 200mg (Fildena Double 200) Sildenafil Citrate Online to treat erectile dysfunction. Free Shipping Over $199. A similar composition of this drug is available in a notable medicine that is Viagra. It helps in the widening of the arteries and the blood vessels.

USA Brand is Equivalent To Fildena Double:

Fildena Double 200 Mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED: impotence; inability to get or keep an erection in men)

Manufacturer of Fildena Double 200 Mg:

Fildena Double 200 Mg is produced by Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Drug Class of Fildena Double 200 Mg:

Fildena Double 200 Mg is a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction.


Fildena Double 200 Mg contains active ingredients, Sildenafil 200 which is available in the various strengths and substitutes.

What are the common uses of Fildena Double 200 Mg?

Sildenafil 200 is used in:

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition. It can cause stress, relationship strain, and low self-confidence. Read More

How to take Fildena Double 200 Mg?

Take Fildena Double 200 Mg in the portion and term as exhorted by your PCP. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, smash or break it. Fildena 200mg Tablet is to be taken with food. Fildena Double 200 Mg is the remedy based medication and might be accessible in various forces and different substitutes. You should get some information about its recurrence, and length as age and cold-bloodedness of the sickness contrast in each person. Patients are encouraged to take Sildenafil 200 mg pills whenever 30 minutes before the intercourse. Try not to burn-through high portions all at once and furthermore don't take it for a more drawn out time frame. It's anything but recommended for females and the pediatric populace.

Overdose of Fildena Double 200 Mg :

Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect an overdose.

Miss dose of Fildena Double 200 Mg :

If you missed a dose of Fildena Double 200 Mg should be taken as soon as you remember. Skip the Fildena Double dose if it is the time for the next dose. Do not consume double the dose for the next time you missed once.

Fildena Double 200 Mg Works:

Fildena Double 200 Mg is a Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor. It works by loosening up the veins in your p e n I s, and it assists you with accomplishing and keep a hard, straight p e n I s reasonable for s e x u a l action.

Fildena Double 200 Mg made out of Sildenafil Citrate segment goes to a class of medications known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Penile erection in men happens when inflow of blood to the penile upgrades through veins, and the measure of blood that is out of hand from the penile goes down.

Regular Tablets work comparatively by restraining a protein known as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), which is answerable for obliterating the cGMP. Medication assists with forestalling obliteration of cGMP and permits cGMP to gather and persevere longer, longer cGMP continues; the more delayed penile erection happens.

What Should You Avoid While Taking Fildena Double 200 Mg?

  • You should avoid taking alcohol
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Avoid Driving or Machine Operating Jobs

When Not To Use Fildena Double 200 Mg:

  • On the off chance that you feel any incidental effects for quite a while in the wake of taking this medication for the treatment of feebleness then, at that point quickly contact with your primary care physician.
  • You ought not take liquor at the hour of drug because of it causes a few incidental effects and diminishes the adequacy of this medication.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are not suggested for youngsters who are under 18 years and pregnant ladies
  • Individuals particularly men whose age is over 70 years ought to warily take this medication because of it is a high portion medication which may hurtful for elderly folks individuals.
  • Subsequent to taking this medication in the event that you feel abrupt loss of hearing and vision misfortune in one or the two eyes then, at that point quickly talk with your PCP to determine this issue.
  • This kind of drugs diminishes the readiness of the individual and makes sluggish and tipsy in the wake of taking this medication then you ought to try not to drive any vehicle and other any proactive tasks.

Try not to take Fildena Double 200 Mg on the off chance that you likewise take prescriptions called nitrates (regularly given for chest torment).

What are the common Possible side effect of Fildena Double 200 Mg?

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Flushing
  • Decreased Sensitivity
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Weakness
  • Allergies
  • Local redness on the face
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Bloody urinations
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Painful erections
  • Prolonged erections

If a patient feels the above mentioned side effects then he should go to the doctor immediately.

Warning And Precaution:

  • Liquor: Drinking liquor decreases the blood which stays inside your p e n I s, which makes it hard for you to get an erection. In case you're taking Sildenafil Citrate since you have had erection issues previously, you ought to stay away from liquor.
  • Pregnancy: This medication isn't suggested for utilization by pregnant ladies except if required. Counsel a doctor and examine the advantages and dangers prior to taking this medication.
  • Breastfeeding: Nursing ladies ought to keep away from employments of Medication. Counsel your PCP with the goal that an appropriate substitute might be encouraged.
  • Circulatory strain: Hypertension can put a limitation on your s e x life. Among men, hypertension can make erection issues by easing back the stock of blood to the p e n I s.
  • Disfigurement of p e n I s: Sildenafil 200mg prescription ought to be utilized with alert in patients having an actual deformation of the penis which might be because of Angulation, Cavernosal Fibrosis or Peyronie illness.

Fildena Double should be used very cautiously. Tell your doctor or chemist if you have

How to Buy Fildena Double 200 Mg Online from India to USA?

The United States is very particular about the FDA’s Personal Importation Policy. The slightest sign of non-adherence can prevent the delivery of your Fildena Double. Erectile Dysfunction medicines are available for cheap in India than in USA. Shop Fildena Double 200 Mg online at best price from India to USA.

Best Place to Buy Fildena Double 200 Mg Online

With a dynamic legacy of over 10 years in the pharma business, it comes as no surprise that is the first choice of customers. Buy a wide range of over the counter Erectile Dysfunction medicine online at low prices. You can just upload a picture of your prescription using your smartphone camera and get Fildena Double delivered right to your home.

FAQs About Fildena Double 200 Mg

What Are The Uses Of The Fildena Double 200 Mg?

Fildena Double (Fildena 200mg) is in a Class of meds called phosphodiesterase (PDE5) inhibitors. It treats erectile dysfunction by upgrading blood stream to the penis during actual incitement.

This expanded blood stream can cause a raising. Sildenafil treats PAH by diminishing the veins in the lungs to permit blood to stream without any problem. On the off chance that you are taking Fildena Double Black pills to treat erectile dysfunction, you should realize that it doesn't fix Erectile Dysfunction or increment sexual longing.

Who are manufacturer of Fildena Double?

Fildena Double is produced by Ajanta Pharma.

What is Composition for Fildena Double 200 Mg?

Fildena Double contains of the antiviral drug Sildenafil 200 as its active ingredient. It can treat erectile dysfunction. It can also treat high blood pressure in the lungs (pulmonary arterial hypertension).

What is Drug Class for Fildena Double 200 Mg?

Fildena Double 200 Mg is in a class of medications called Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5).

Is the Fildena Double 200 Mg safe with alcohol?

Avoide or kept to a minimum Alcohol while taking Fildena Double 200 Mg.

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