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Ajanta ED Trial Pack

Ajanta ED Trial Pack

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Ajanta ED Trial Pack is combo of erectile dysfunction generic medication that contains Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil. Ajanta Trial Pack is a trial medicine combo pack offering those patients who are willing to find out the variety of ED medicines for Ajanta Pharma.

💊Generic Name : Sildenafil + Tadalafil + Vardenafil

🌟 US Brand Name : Sildenafil 100mg + Tadalafil 20mg + Vardenafil 20mg

🏭Manufacture Name : Ajanta Pharma LTD

🤩Uses For : Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

🤧Side Effects : Flushed Face, Headache, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Sleeplessness

🧪Drug Class : Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5)

💪Strength : Sildenafil 100Mg, Tadalafil 20Mg & Vardenafil 20Mg

📝Presentation : Blister Packing (Tablets / Pills)

📦Product Code : SKU1079

🚚Delivery Days : 7 to 10 working days

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) trial pack contains three different medicines and is an excellent starting point for men who are using drugs for the first time and not sure which one is selected. The erectile dysfunction trial pack includes a selection of three oral tablets for impotence (erectile dysfunction). Each medicine in the generic pack function by helping to increase the circulation of blood into penis, so that the user can achieve or maintain a firmer and longer- lasting penile erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Our erectile dysfunction Ajanta ED Trial Pack is helpful for those men who have not experienced erectile dysfunction (ED) before, and are not sure which particular medicine to try first. It can also be helpful for men who have taken.

What Are the Uses of Ajanta ED Trial Pack?

Ajanta ED Trial Pack incorporates Kamagra, Valif, and Tadalis SX [Sildenafil 100, Tadalafil 20, Vardenafil 20] is adequate treatment for male sexual dysfunction issues. The ED Pack works by assisting with further developing blood stream course in a specific region (Penis) so the client can keep a more moderate and longer-enduring erection appropriate for sexual conditions

Ajanta ED Trial Pack contains three unmistakable prescriptions and is an incredible starting point for folks that are ingesting medications interestingly and uncertain which One is picking. The Ajanta ED Trial Pack incorporates a scope of three oral pill meds for ineptitude (erectile dysfunction). Every prescription from the Generic bundle works by assisting with boosting the dissemination of blood stream in a particular region (P*nis) so the shopper can keep a milder and longer-enduring Erection satisfactory for sex. Our ED Trial Pack is ideal for that load of men who have not to encounter erectile dysfunction prior, and aren't sure which medication to attempt. Furthermore, it could be useful for men who've taken.

How Ajanta ED Trial Pack Works

Buy Ajanta ED Trial Pack Online (Sildenafil/Tadalafil/Vardenafil) is the ideal decision for men hoping to treat their erectile dysfunction. All ED prescriptions work on a similar standard, in every One of them, just their dynamic fixings are unique. These dynamic fixings cause the muscles to smooth and unwind, which likewise considers expanded blood stream into the penile corridors, guaranteeing a more grounded and firmer erection.

How to take Ajanta ED Trial Pack

  • Sildenafil 100 Mg - also known as Viagra and Viagra Connect.
    • The beginning portion of Sildenafil. Should be required 30-an hour prior to sex is expected best on a vacant stomach.
    • Portion: One tablet when required (50mg) yet can be expanded to TWO tablets (100 Mg) in the future if incapable. In like manner, the portion can be divided to 25mg if incidental effects are an issue.
    • Max portion - 100 Mg day by day
  • Tadalafil 20 Mg - also known as Cialis.
    • The beginning portion of Tadalafil. Should be required 30 minutes before sex is expected best on a vacant stomach.
    • Portion: One tablet when required (10mg) yet can be expanded to TWO tablets (20 Mg) in the future if insufficient. This medication can stay in your framework and dynamic for as long as a day and a half.
    • Max Portion - 20 Mg a few times each week
  • Vardenafil 20 Mg - otherwise known as Levitra
    • The beginning portion of Vardenafil. Should be required 25-an hour prior to sex is expected ideal on an unfilled stomach.
    • Portion: One tablet when required (10mg) yet can be expanded to TWO tablets (20 Mg) in the future if insufficient. Moreover, the portion can be divided to 5mg if incidental effects are an issue.
    • Max portion: 20 Mg day by day

What Should You Avoid While Taking Ajanta ED Trial Pack

  • Preliminary Ajanta ED Trial Pack are an extraordinary answer for experienced clients and fledglings. You can contrast various items with discover what turns out best for you or simply request them mass to save much further. The data on the items contained in Ajanta ED Trial Pack can be found at item page to the medication.
  • By and large, in the event that you have been encouraged to swear off sexual action because of wellbeing reasons, try not to be taking erectile dysfunction medicine. There are different things you need to consider prior to beginning any treatment.
  • On the off chance that you have a heart condition like uncontrolled arrhythmias or angina, have had a coronary episode or a stroke, or have systolic pulse under 90 mmHg (hypotension), the utilization of any of the meds remembered for the weakness preliminary pack is contraindicated and should be stayed away from.
  • You ought to try not to take Cialis in case you are determined to have uncontrolled hypertension. Each of the three meds can be unsafe for patients with existing eye conditions, for example, non-arteritic foremost ischaemic optic neuropathy or genetic degenerative retinal issues.
  • Individuals with cardiovascular illness, draining issues, left ventricular outpouring impediment or dynamic peptic ulceration (stomach ulcers) should utilize erectile dysfunction drug with alert and under observation by a specialist.
  • A current distortion of the penis or inclination to priapism can likewise expand the danger of entanglements and a treatment with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra ought to be talked about with your PCP before you start a course of prescription.
  • Levitra specifically requests alert for older patients and patients with an expanded danger of creating unusual heart rhythms because of an expanded weakness to prolongation of the QT span.

Side effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) trial pack:

Most side effects do not need any medical help and disappear as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult your healthcare provider if they persist or if you are worried about them.
  • Rash
  • Upset Stomach
  • Skin Allergy
  • Vision Change
  • Muscle Pain
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Flushing (Sense Of Warmth In The Face Ears Neck)
  • Fever

Warning and Precaution

You ought not utilize these meds in case you are:

  • Hypersensitive to any fixing in the item
  • Utilizing nitrates, for instance, poppers, isosorbide mononitrate for angina or Nicorandil
  • Have serious heart or lung issues
  • Uncontrolled high or low circulatory strain
  • As of late had a coronary episode
  • Have an uncommon degenerative eye condition
  • Experienced ischaemic eye neuropathy

FAQ About Ajanta ED Trial Pack

Question: Which is best sildenafil or tadalafil or vardenafil?

Tadalafil has a more drawn out length of activity than sildenafil and vardenafil. Tadalafil is likewise viable as sildenafil in the treatment of ED. In examination contemplates, tadalafil is liked to sildenafil (50/100 Mg) by men with ED, perhaps in light of its more drawn out term of activity.

Question: Could vardenafil and tadalafil be taken together?

Tadalafil ought not be merged with Adcirca (an additional type of tadalafil) or other PDE5 inhibitors, such as, vardenafil (Levitra) or sildenafil (Viagra, Revatio).

Question: From Whare i can ordered Ed trial pack online India to USA? 

Select your erectile dysfunction Ajanta ED Trial Pack size and quantity from here. You upload your doctor’s prescription then we check if the pack you have ordered is suitable or not. Erectile dysfunction (ED) trial pack Orders are shipped by a 24 hour carrier, so you can expect to receive your package within 10 to 15 days.

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