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Management And Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction
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Management and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Blue Pills Pharmacy - Mar 09, 2023

The type of specialist treating ED depends on the issue's root. Based on the medical history of your family along with your personal medical history and health, your doctor could prescribe oral medication (Viagra(r), Levitra(r), Cialis(r)).

If none of these options work, you could be recommended to a urologist who will assist with alternatives that aren't surgical, such as injections, vacuum devices, or surgical options. Your physician might recommend an expert psychologist specializing in sexual disorders if necessary or to recommend drugs like Sildenafil 50 Mg.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated?

The treatment for ED is available in a variety of ways, including:

  • Oral medicines like Oral Jelly
  • Penile injections.
  • Vacuum devices.
  • Intraurethral medication.

Procedure (penile implant).

Each kind comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your physician to determine the best option for your needs.

The first step in treating ED is to determine the root cause. The appropriate treatment will then be initiated. Numerous surgical and non-surgical options can assist a man in getting back to regular sexual activity.

What are non-surgical treatment options available to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Communication and Education

The knowledge of sexual behaviors and sexual behaviors can aid a man in overcoming his fears about sexual dysfunction.

Engaging with your partner in a candid discussion about your concerns and needs could help overcome many obstacles in a healthy relationship.

About Medicine from Online Indian Pharmacy

Medicines like sildenafil (Viagra(r)) or vardenafil (Levitra(r)) and tadalafil (Cialis(r)) could aid in improving sexual performance in men by enhancing bleeding towards the penis.

People taking medicines like Assurans 20 Mg or containing nitrates, such as nitroglycerine, shouldn't consume oral ED medication. In combination with these medications, nitrates could cause the blood pressure to drop (hypotension).

These drugs' most frequent adverse effects include nasal congestion, indigestion, flashing migraines, and the occasional disturbance of vision.

Mechanical Aids

Aids like vacuum apparatuses and penile constriction rings work as erectile aids for some males.

A device for vacuum constriction (above) is the cylinder placed on top of the penis. The air is pumped out of the cylinder, which draws blood to the penis, and triggers an erection. The erection is kept by slipping a band from the bottom of the cylinder onto the penis's base. The band will stay in place for as long as 30 minutes. The vacuum-powered device can be safe to treat the majority of reasons for erectile problems. Insanity, discomfort, and the weight of the device appear to be the primary issues for patients.

Therapy for injections of penile (intracavernosal injector therapy)

The men are taught to inject drugs directly into the erection chambers in the penis to induce an intimate erection. Injection therapy can effectively treat many erection-related issues caused by blood vessels, nerves, and psychological issues.

Utilizing a small needle and syringe man injects a tiny amount of medication into the penis's side. The medicine relaxes blood vessels, which allow blood to flow to the penis. The treatment has been extensively used since the beginning of the 1980s. The three most popular medications comprise prostaglandin E1 (alprostadil) and papaverine (Papacon(r)) and Phentolamine (Regitine(r)).

The most frequent side effects include pain and penile wounds (fibrosis). In sporadic instances, those suffering from cerebral or vascular disease or other severe cardiovascular conditions may be unable to the dizziness and elevated blood pressure due to injection treatment.

An uncomfortable erection lasting longer than 2 to 3 hours is called priapism. It could be caused by injection therapy. It is possible to reduce the pain through proper dosing and to adhere to treatment guidelines.

Psychotherapy and sexual therapies

Psychological causes can contribute to erectile dysfunction, even for an organic reason.

A trained counselor can help someone overcome guilt, anxiety, or fear that could impact sexual dysfunction.

Sex therapy is generally beneficial for men when a qualified counselor administers it. Sex therapy can also help the man's partner to be able to accept and deal with the difficulties.

A patient whose ED directly results from a psychological root should undergo sexual therapy before aggressive treatment is attempted.


Low levels of hormones could contribute to ED. The replacement of hormones in the form of creams, gels, topical gel patches, injections, and pellets is only available after a physician's evaluation.

Sildenafil India is providing ED Medication Online at best prices so get it now to treat your ED.

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