Animal experimentations have uncovered decreased posterity development. There is no sure information about human pregnancy.

 US FDA pregnancy classification Not Assigned: The US FDA has altered the pregnancy naming standard for physician endorsed drug items to require marking that incorporates an outline of hazard, a conversation of the information supporting that synopsis, and applicable data to help medical services suppliers settle on recommending choices and direction ladies about the utilization of medications during pregnancy. Pregnancy classes A, B, C, D, and X are being eliminated.

 In a pre-and post-natal improvement concentrate in rodents given orally at 100, 300, or 600 mg/kg/day on incubation days 6 through lactation day 20, posterity development and development were diminished when maternal rodents were given avanafil portions more noteworthy than or equivalent to 300 mg/kg/day, bringing about openings more prominent than or equivalent to multiple times the human openness to add up to avanafil at the MRHD. There was no impact on regenerative execution of the maternal rodents or posterity, or on the conduct of the posterity at up to the most noteworthy portion tried. The no noticed unfriendly impact level (NOAEL) for formative harmfulness (100mg/kg/day) was seen at openings to add up to avanafil around 2-crease more prominent than the foundational openness in people at the MRHD (maximum recommended human dose).

Avanafil (Stendra)  isn’t demonstrated for use in females.

There is no data on the presence of avanafil or potentially its metabolites in human or animal milk, the consequences for the breastfed child, or the impacts on milk creation.

There have been no investigations assessing the impact of AVANAFIL (STENDRA) on fertility in men.

In light of studies in animals, decreased richness, unusual sperm motility and morphology, and adjusted estrous cycles were seen in rodents. The unusual sperm discoveries were reversible toward the finish of a 9-week without drug period.

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